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And So Construction Begins

On Sunday, May 28, we broke ground for our new SJA Welcome Center.  Father Jim DeBruycker read a blessing while (from left to right) Michele Foster, Welcome Center construction project leader; Paul and Lynn Hempe, Capital Campaign co-chairs; and Jerry Hartlaub, Facilities Committee chair; are ready with their shovels to turn the  ground symbolizing the start of construction.

The Blessing:
Let us pray. God in heaven, we ask your blessings on this endeavor. We do this not in an attempt to house you, for you go where you will, but to create a place of welcome for all of your people in your name: a place where we may celebrate your presence and take it from here to the world.
We do this in memory of our parents and grandparents who created this place of worship and for our children’s children so they may always find a place of welcome in your name.
May we never sin against your hospitality in this house. 
We pray this soil may become sacred because of our prayer here and the celebration of your presence in the sacraments here.
Lord hear us.
We pray that the architects and construction workers will be wise in their trades.
Lord hear us.
We pray the weather to be fair in the completion of the project.
Lord hear us.
We pray we be able workers when it is our time to help.
Lord hear us.
We pray for the safety of all workers here.
Lord hear us.
We pray for generosity in time, work, and treasure, as we work towards completion, and a little extra financial push up front will not be rejected, O Lord.
Lord hear us.
We ask you to bless us all in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Amen 

The Welcome Center will be a 2000 square foot addition to our existing gymnasium and the project will also include replacing our current parking lot.  The actual construction will begin on Monday, June 6, and it is anticipated that with the cooperation of good weather and no problems we should be in the new addition by mid-October, 2017.

Right now our approximate timetable of anticipated activities - subject to change, depending on weather conditions and progress made by crews:

  • June 6: Construction start
  • June:  Demolition, excavation, footings and foundation.
  • July: Wood structure and structural walls
  •  August: Enclosure
  • September: Parking lot reconstruction, landscaping, interior work 
  • Mid-October: Substantial completion,

Opus will follow Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and industry standards in controlling dust and dirt during excavation and construction activities.

The construction site will be watered as necessary to keep the dust problems to a minimum, and will be swept and cleaned on an as-needed basis – every Friday and on Mondays through Thursdays depending on conditions.

It is expected that construction noise will have minimal impact on the neighborhood but some pounding of structural footings may be intense for not more than three (3) days.

We have reached out to our neighbors to inform them of the project and given them the timeline, the information on noise and dirt as well as contacts at SJA that they can call with questions. We will address concerns as quickly as possible.  We value our decades of good relations with our neighbors and we will do everything we can to be sensitive to our neighbors during the construction.