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AIAIA Virtual Fundraiser July 18

I want to invite you to a heartwarming opportunity.  With great excitement, I want to invite you to participate in Arm In Arm In Africa's very first Virtual Fundraiser--Family Style. Our event is "Arm In Arm In Action--Celebrating 20 years of Compassion." The celebration will be on Sat., July 18th 2020, which also happens to be International Mandella Day. This celebration will lift up the 20 years of partnerships that AIAIA  have nurtured in SA.  I believe that our journey has endured over the years from a fundamental belief that All Black Lives Matter. While apartheid "officially" ended in SA in 1993, its intentional deprivation of education and forced relocation will be felt for generations to come. Couple that with 70% unemployment, with the COVID-19 pandemic, I am seeing the need for food assistance to be greater than ever before. On behalf of our brothers and sisters in Africa, I can say with absolute certainty, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Our one hour celebration will livestream on YouTubeTV and Facebook Live at 12 noon on Saturday, July 18. You can find all the details at or visit our website at It is an hour of family learning and entertainment, co-hosted by our very own Christopher Hermann and T Mychael Rambo. It will lift your restless hearts and with your support, bring nourishment to those who desperately are in need. 

In Gratitude, Fr. James Cassidy