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AIAIA Featured on Minnesota Public Radio

Arm in Arm in Africa was lifted up by Nina Moini of Minnesota Public Radio this week. She spent time with Fr. Jim Cassidy and AIAIA volunteers last Saturday as they packed for the upcoming delegation to South Africa later this month. You can read and listen to the piece, 'Going home to see family': Twin Cities nonprofit nears 20 years of helping South Africa HERE.

And, in delegation news...
"Your life is a sacred journey...You are on the path, exactly where you are meant to be right now."  This weekend (Feb 9-10), we have the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming journey of the Arm In Arm In Africa delegation.  The 2019 AIAIA delegation will receive the blessing of the SJA community at the 9:00 and 11:00 Gym masses.  This will be our 20th delegation to travel to South Africa and there are 20 individuals in the delegation.  We will be departing on our yearly mission to South Africa on February 16th and returning on March 10th. I would ask that you remember the delegates and their families in your thoughts and prayers during the time we are away.  I would also invite you to join us (at least in spirit) by going to our website at  You can now "Like Us" @arminarminafrica, our Facebook page. With warm regards and gratitude for your ongoing support of Arm In Arm In Africa.   Fr. James Cassidy