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46th Street will go from the current 4 lanes to 2 lanes plus a turn lane

46th Street Restriping / Reconfiguration Project

On Sunday, June 26, there was a meeting to review the changes that are coming to 46th Street, both East and West of I-35W. Above is an illustration of the plans for the East side, which will impact parking for St. Joan of Arc on Sunday mornings. Following is a snapshot of the proposal as presented to the community.

Proposed Reconfiguration

  • East of I-35W - change 4-lane to a 3-lane (center left turn lane), add bike lanes, remove parking
  • West of I-35W - retain 2 lanes, add bike lanes, remove parking on the south side
  • Incremental approach - may refine, add further enhancements in the future

Benefits / Trade-offs

  • Narrowed travel lanes to encourage slower speeds
  • Added bike lanes to provide space for bicyclists
  • Pedestrian buffer space from traffic provided by new bike lanes
  • Improved striping to help guide all travelers in the corridor

Schedule (tentative)

  • Mid to late September - mill and overlay operations, then striping
  • Complete paving operation is anticipated to take less than 2 weeks - pending weather conditions
  • Traffic will be maintained during paving - minimal disruptions with brief periods of delay expected