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2017 Sister Parish Delegation to Guatemala

Sunday, February 19, the delegation will share their experiences, including photos from their trip, in the Upper Room of the Parish Center after both Gym Masses.

In preparing for a Sister Parish Delegation, we spend many hours together beforehand as a group in orientation sessions. These have proven to be valuable in preparing our delegates for the rigors of traveling as a tight group, and to give us the necessary background in the history of Guatemala so we can more fully understand the emotional impact that history has had on the groups with whom we meet.
Our final step in the process is when we are blessed by the community of St. Joan of Arc on the Sunday before we leave. It is a great feeling to be standing in front of the parish, receiving the good wishes and prayers of our beloved community. Last Sunday our group of delegates. Dennis Callahan, Karin Grosscup, Meghan Grossman (our orientation leader), Carol and Joe Bell, Phyllis Smith, Kate Casserly, Rosey Vogan, Mary Buhr, Rita and Jeff Nohner, received that blessing and will carry it with us as we travel this week in Guatemala.

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