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Mobile Loaves & Fishes Celebrate 4 Years

It was 4 years ago, March 17th, 2010 when the MLF truck launched its first run.  It is now 118,000 meals later, thousands of socks, too many toiletries to count and enough hard boiled eggs to cover any Easter Egg hunt on the planet.  Four years ago it was a beautiful spring day when our truck launched on a wing and a prayer from our pastors.

We have learned so much since our first run.   We have learned that if you pray - miracles happen.  We have learned blessings come to those we serve and those who serve.  We thought we were building relationships in the community but who we really built a relationship with was each other.  We have learned to trust, to care and to give without the thought of receiving.  For that and much more - we are thankful.

On this 4th anniversary, we thank all of you our volunteers.  You are committed and passionate about helping our community and serving food and smiles to our brothers and sisters in need. 

On behalf of the MLF core team, SJA, Knox and the people that we serve - thank you!

The MLF core team

P.S. MLF can distribute as many hard boiled eggs as we can collect. If you and your family are decorating eggs this Easter season, please make plans to bring a dozen decorated eggs (or as many as you can spare!) to the church vestibule outside Family Mass on Easter Sunday, and we will greet you with joy and gratitude!