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Saint Joan of Arc Choir

I will sing and make melody. Awake, my soul! (Psalm 108.1)

We lift our voices in song to praise God. We bring hope and joy to the people of Saint Joan of Arc as we open our hearts to the message of Jesus in the world. We are a strong and supportive community for our members. The Saint Joan of Arc choir is a special liturgy and events choir that ministers monthly at Sunday services and for Christmas, Holy Week, Easter, and the Martin Luther King concert. We perform with professional artists in the Concert Series and have enjoyed recording with well-known Twin Cities musicians. On occasion we join our voices with neighboring choirs for events and concerts.

Choir Schedule Details
Rehearsals are Thursdays, 7pm in the Welcome Center: Come early to get your folders and music, name tags and information about the coming season. We are rehearsing for MLK weekend January 10th and 17th. Bring your beautiful voices and spirit of welcome!
MLK Sunday, January 20: 9am and 11am Masses

  • 8am warm-up on the risers. Please be on time as we are running songs with TMychael for the 1st time.
  • Wear black, comfortable shoes. Red and Guatemalen stoles.
  • Bagels and treats between masses.

Sunday Evening 7pm concert:

  • Warm up in church at 5:00 sharp
  • Wear black with comfortable shoes
  • 5:15 rehearsal in gym on risers with band
  • Coats and purses will be kept in a locked classroom.
  • Bring a snack if you will get hungry. Wine and cookies at intermission, of course!!
  • If you are able, please park in the Filed School parking lot on the corner of 46th and 4th Ave. It is about a one block walk. 

Music Returns

Please turn in the following music (ABC appreciated & clipped)) from our last two performances at this Thursday’s rehearsal:

Our Mailing List
Kathy Failer (soprano) has been working hard to update our mailing list...thank you!!  Before we make it available for all of you I want to extend the invitation to all of those who get the choir mailings to actually come join the choir!!! Yes, we love to have you!  If you do NOT want to be on the mailing list any more, would you please contact me by email (avagle [at] and we will remove your information.  Best option, of course, is to come sing with us!!  Thanks everyone and again Thank You Kathie.

The choir rehearses from Mid-September to May on Thursday evenings at 7:00 in the Church Sanctuary. New members are always welcomed. The Saint Joan of Arc choir members have a love of music and can sing in tune! There are no auditions. To join the choir, complete the Shared Ministry form or contact Choir Director Anna Vagle at the Parish Center or at avagle [at]

Shared Ministry form