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6-12th Grade Faith Formation Curriculum

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Grades 6-8 Curriculum is taken from EDGE, a Catholic middle school youth ministry program. It provides a safe, fun place for youth to find a supportive Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. Edge resources speak to the physical, psychological, cognitive, relational, and spiritual maturationof middle school youth.  

6th Grade- Big Questions
The 6th grade program features the popular Alpha Youth Series along with several sessions from Lifeteen’s Edge Middle School Program.  Through 11 sessions filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris, Rome, Israel, and many other incredible locations, the Alpha Youth Series explores timeless questions about life, faith and God for a new generation.  The series offers compelling stories, images, questions, and discussion topics well spread throughout each episode to better engage youth, helping them think about how these issues relate to their lives as they discuss with their friends and leaders. Session Information is Here.

7th Grade - The Life & Ministry of Jesus
Did Jesus ever get grounded? Was Jesus ever anxious? Where is Jesus buried? Jesus is the most influential person who has ever lived, yet many middle school youth do not understand who He is, if He is still relevant to their lives, or why they should care about Him. The 7th grade curriculum dives into big questions about Jesus that not only reveal Him as truly God and truly man but also help the youth identify Jesus’ love in their everyday lives. Session Information is Here.

8th Grade - Catholic Social Teaching
Justice. Equality. Safety. Freedom. We live in a society that cries out for the injustices committed against one another, and the loudest voice is usually the one that is heard. But what are the ultimate goals of these voices? How do we respond to the complexities of injustice in a way that respects the dignity of all human persons? The 8th grade curriculum aims to challenge and empower teens to engage in activism from a Catholic worldview based on the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. It will provide tools and action steps to help teens bring awareness, advocate, and impact change in the world while being first and foremost an activist for Christ. Session Information is Here.

9th Grade - Live it! Change the World with Everyday Faith
Live it! is a curriculum developed by St Mary’s Press which brings our Catholic faith to life and empowering teens to explore their own faith. With a mixture of hands-on activities, small group discussion, and prayer, this curriculum explores a wide variety of teachings from our Catholic faith.  This broad approach will help lay a solid foundation of understanding the basics of our Catholic tradition, and how students might live out the values which that tradition inspires. Session Information is Here.

10th Grade - Our Catholic Faith in Conversation with World Religions
Vatican II opened the doors for Catholics to learn about, better understand, and begin to truly appreciate faith traditions from around the world. We know that we have more in common than we realize, and learning about the religious traditions of our neighbors will help build bridges and strengthen ties in our community. 

Our 10th grade curriculum focuses on our Catholic traditions in conversation with some of the major world religions. By examining different themes that all faith traditions have in common, such as our names for God, sacred foods, birth and death rituals, etc., students will be able to better understand and appreciate the beauty of our Catholic faith. This year is a mix of in-class learning and field trips to the faith houses of other religious communities in the Twin Cities.

This curriculum is an excellent supplement to what 10th graders learn in their Confirmation preparation classes this year. While students are welcome to complete their Confirmation preparation in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, we encourage students to consider doing so in 10th grade. Session Information is Here.

11-12th Grades - Small Group discussion rooted in the Gospel reading of the week
Each session will begin with reading the Gospel of the week. This will launch a discussion about faith, life, and where the two intersect in the lives of our students. Led by experienced discussion facilitators, students will be able to help direct the conversation and introduce topics that they care about. This is a less formal curriculum than our other years, yet produces rich discussion and participation from our youth. It provides teens an opportunity to be seen, heard, and share with their peers about topics that they care about and affect their lives.