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Elementary Faith Formation

Elementary Religious Education (Grades 1-6) 8:45 - 9:40 am & 10:45 - 11:40 am Sundays, Mid-September through early-May.

Elementary Faith Formation classes will begin in Fall of 2021. Our goal is to begin classes in early October 2021. Information and registration will be upcoming this summer. We are currently taking steps to get our volunteers lined up and are putting together the new registration forms for 2021-2022. The following information follows what a typical year would look like.

Our Faith Formation curriculum follows the liturgical calendar and focuses on the Gospel.  Pflaum Gospel Weeklies’ lesson plans present a comprehensive, age–appropriate overview of our Christian, Catholic faith.  An emphasis is placed on using group and individual activities that respect different learning and teaching styles.  There is a strong focus on different types of prayer: personal prayer and reflection, guided meditation and community prayer. An added benefit, which reflects the spirit of SJA, is the lessons’ emphasis on one or more of the Catholic Social Teachings of respect, dignity, caring, responsibility, and relationship with God and others. A number of large-group events, reinforcing the lessons, are scheduled throughout the program year. For at-home activities related to our program go to You will need to register on the Pflaum website. Use 1116148 as your customer #.

At the end of class, children join their parents in our Church to participate in the celebration of Family Mass (9:45 and 11:45). Holiday vacation dates are announced during the year. 

In order to provide options for Elementary Faith Formation, there is an At-Home Program which utilizes the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies curriculum. Families will register for either the Regular Sunday classroom option grades 1-4, or Planet 56 (see next paragraph), or the At-Home Program option, grades 1-6. The children are committed to either the Sunday classes, OR the At-Home program, not both.

Grades five and six will participate in "Planet 56", which addresses their developing social and spiritual needs.  Class sections would meet at the regular 8:45, or 10:45 times on Sundays. Each grade level, 5th, or 6th graders, will meet separately, usually two times each month of our program. There will be a published schedule, as there are holidays spread throughout the year. On the Sundays that your child does not have class you are encouraged to have them attend Mass with you, either the Gym Mass, or Family Mass, or both, as you would normally with your family.

In addition there are Second Fridays gatherings once a month where the 5th and 6th graders meet together in The Arc from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. This time will be spent in meal sharing, conversation, and activities to support their unique faith journeys. 

Volunteers for these grades will work in teams of four; determining alternate schedules for two teachers to cover each class.  

Volunteer instructors and classroom aides undergo a background check, sign SJA’s Code of Conduct and complete VIRTUS training for all adults (18+). For further information regarding policies on protection of our children, contact the Office for Protection of Youth and Children. Volunteers 16-17 are accepted with approval and adult supervision. To volunteer in the Elementary Religious Education ministry or to enroll your child in this rich experience, please contact the Elementary Faith Formation Director,  Marie Bissonnette at mbissonnette [at] (subject: Elementary%20Faith%20Formation)

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