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Saint Joan of Arc

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Minneapolis, MN 55419

Phone: 612.823.8205
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Elementary Faith Formation

Elementary Religious Education (Grades 1-5): Our Faith Formation curriculum follows the liturgical calendar and focuses on the Gospel.  Pflaum Gospel Weeklies’ lesson plans present a comprehensive, age–appropriate overview of our Christian, Catholic faith.  An emphasis is placed on using group and individual activities that respect different learning and teaching styles.  There is a strong focus on different types of prayer: personal prayer and reflection, guided meditation and community prayer. An added benefit, which reflects the spirit of SJA, is the lessons’ emphasis on one or more of the Catholic Social Teachings of respect, dignity, caring, responsibility, and relationship with God and others. A number of large-group events, reinforcing the lessons, are scheduled throughout the program year. For at-home activities related to our program go to You will need to register on the Pflaum website. Use 1116148 as your customer #. Email mbissonnette [at] with questions. 

Elementary Faith Formation Director,  Marie Bissonnette at mbissonnette [at] (subject: Elementary%20Faith%20Formation)

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