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Volunteer/Shared Ministry Form

Shared Ministry is the life-blood of St. Joan of Arc. Whether caring for toddlers in the nursery during Sunday Mass, helping Mobile Loaves and Fishes serve meals in North Minneapolis or traveling thousands of miles to aid our neighbors in Africa and South America, "opportunities to do God's work" are plentiful and rewarding. 

To volunteer, please click on the Shared Ministry Booklet link below to see your opportunities. Each item has a number code next to it. Please enter the number code into the spaces provided to you on the registration form and submit the form. If you have a talent that you want to share with us, you can list it in the Talents box on the registration form. Your time, energy and talents are valued gifts that make our community flourish. You are a blessing! For further information, contact Diane Haugesag, dhaugesag [at] or (612) 823-8205, Ext. 238.



First & Last Name
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