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Welcome to #SJA<40, the official 20s and 30s group of Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Community!

Our goal is to help you Connect Beyond Mass with other sort-of-grown-up parishioners. We recently conducted a survey for parishioners ages 23 - 39, discussed monthly social meet-ups, our growing email group, and continued foundational work by the #SJA<40 Core Committee. We want to build a 20s and 30s group as vibrant and welcoming as our Church, and we want you to be a part of it. We look forward to connecting with you! The slideshow highlights some of our activities.

For more information about adult formation, adult learning and the Adult Learning Board, please contact cmanns [at] (subject: %23SJA%3C40) (Cynthia Bailey Manns).

Upcoming Events are included in the calendar.