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Youth Ministry Camps and Retreats

Camping and retreat opportunities for SJA youth provide quality-time that makes room for spiritual growth and the necessary support of, and connection to their faith community. 
Questions? Contact bhall [at] (subject: Camps%20%26%20Retreats) (Brennan)

MEA Getaway 2018

You just have to be there.
Maybe you've been to camp before. This isn't that. What separates MEA Getaway from all other camps? It's perfectly situated over the long weekend of MEA fall break. Just in time for you to break your routine and go spend some quality time with some quality people. It's Up North. As in, AWAY. (Part of this was right in the title, so you got a freebie there.) Sweater weather. The best thing to happen to camp since the invention of camp. Also, there are giant hot tubs. And God, there's definitely God. 

Take a look at the camp video from last year if you're a visual learner. Check out this link.

More info to come soon!

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