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Say Their Names: Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Isaac McGhie

On June 15 we commemorated the 100th anniversary of the lynching of these three men in Duluth in 1920. Filmmaker and PBS Senior Producer  Daniel Pierce Bergin co-hosted this event with our SJA Anti-Racism Ministry. Click into his powerful piece, "100 Years After the Duluth Lynching, Another Face is Added to the 'Mob' of Systemic Racism." Watch video clips of our history, reflect on where we are today and on the work of justice still to be done. The photo of the marker is by Cynthia Bailey Manns from the Legacy Museum in Birmingham AL.

Take Action: Here is a link to contact your state legislators to let them know you want police accountability to be addressed in the special session. It’s easy…do it today! Contact Your Legislators.

See below for opportunities to learn more about ISAIAH and to be part of statewide voter engagement that will help ensure that the momentum of this moment can lead to long-lasting structural change, along with other awesome local resources to learn more about racism and racial justice in Minnesota.  

ISAIAH Voter Engagement Launches - Happening now!! For many different constituencies. Events not marked “ISAIAH” are co-sponsored by Faith in Minnesota, a 501(c)4 (more political) sister organization 

St. Peter’s AME (our neighbor) recently recorded a series of town halls on race in Minneapolis

Upcoming series on systemic racism by ASDIC & FREC w/ lots of local organizers 

Exploring the meaning & possibilities of a police-free future - tons of resources from local organizers

U of M Press - Free reading for racial justice through August 31