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Archdiocesan Synod 2021

From: Dr. Cynthia Bailey Manns, Adult Learning Director

On April 3, 2019, I attended my first Archdiocesan Lay Advisory Board meeting at the Archdiocese Catholic Center/Chancery.  During this meeting, Archbishop Hebda voiced his deep commitment to hold an archdiocese wide synod “to help us as a local Church listen to each other and the Holy Spirt.”  The Pentecost Vigil on June 8, marks the beginning of the two-year process where members of the local Church, as well as those who feel disconnected, have an opportunity to  share their concerns, ideas, experiences, and hopes. The process will end with the 2021 Pentecost Synod Assembly when synod delegates meet to discern synod topics and vote on recommendations for the archbishop.  

Please take the time to read the The Listening Church document and visit the Synod webpage, ARCHSPM.ORG/SYNOD to see how and when you can become involved.  Your voices matter!