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AIAIA Togo Clothing Drive Thank You

Thought you all would enjoy seeing the fruits of Arm in Arm’s initial clothes drive for school children in Togo. We have 23 boxes of clothes donations, promoted by Family Mass, that will leave SJA next weekend. They’ll be packed into a cargo container and wind their way by train through Chicago to New York. From there, it’ll be on to the port city of Lome in Togo. We expect the cargo to arrive in late July. Members of the parish of Mary Queen of the Universe will pick up the boxes and transport them to Vo-Koutime, a town of around 200,000. Clothes will be distributed by a committee at the church to pre-K and school-age kids as they prepare to start school in August.  

We’d like to recognize the tremendous work of the Togo committee, co-led by Josie Defly, a native of Vo-Koutime, and Mary Ellen Kennedy. Dan Kennedy, Mary Ellen’s nephew, did a tremendous job of organizing the leading the packing over a number of days. Those 3 along with John Afolabi, are in one of these photos. John is a Togo native and is coordinating all the shipping.

This project has been a great example of the work a committee of AIAIA ‘fans’ can do. Mary Ellen and Josie, assisted by Sue Rose, Del Stecker, Bette Reader, and others organized every aspect of this project. AIAIA will pay for the $1,000 shipping fee of the packages as approved in our 2019 budget.