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Facilities Management Committee

The Facilities Management Committee Report

The FMC provides guidance for the maintenance and needed improvements of the St. Joan of Arc campus. SJA benefits from the knowledge and commitment of FMC members, many of whom are recognized experts in facility and maintenance related fields. The Committee meets at least monthly and more often when they are involved with major SJA projects.

FMC Membership:
Mark Abeln
Mary Ahler
Kevin Bandy
Fr. James Cassidy
Fr. Jim DeBruycker
Pj Doyle
Moe Failer
Michele Foster
Steve Friedrichs (staff)
Jerry Hartlaub
Eliane Hauff (trustee)
Dennis Heaney (staff)
Paul Hempe
Bill Irish
Peter Knaeble
Ron Leurquin
Nancy McPherson (staff)
Jerrald Olson
Mike Senti

SJA Campus Renewal Projects (CRP)From early 2013 through mid-2015, the FMC focused on the Campus Renewal Projects initiative (see below). While scheduled and unscheduled modest cost maintenance projects are continuous and funded through regular operations, major expenditures such the Capital Projects (see below), are proposed and evaluated by the FMC.  Once the project has been vetted and approved by the FMC it goes to the SJA Finance Committee for funding approval. The FMC works in full partnership with the SJA staff and other Committees and is strongly committed to cost effectiveness and minimizing our SJA carbon footprint. The FMC welcomes comments and suggestions from all members of the SJA community.

In early 2013, SJA initiated a $500,000 CRP fund drive to deal with long deferred maintenance projects and to update various facilities on our campus - a badly needed initiative.  By the end of 2013, our generous parishioners had contributed $885,000.

The original plan for a minor Grace House clean-up (after the previous residential use ended) was then expanded to rehabbing a very tired building (now called The Arc) to provide meeting space and rooms for the SJA Youth Program. To complete the rehab required $225,000 of SJA reserves which resulted in a total of $652,000 committed to the rehab of the building. The FMC met biweekly for 2½ years to complete the projects in the CRP plan by mid-2015 – and within budget.
SJA Campus Renewal Projects Summary for CRP implementation details
The Arc Rehab Photos
Hospitality Hall Rehab Photos
New HVAC Photos
Gym Upgrades Photos

SJA Capital Projects Plan
The four major buildings on the SJA campus require continuous maintenance and capital improvement updates. Smaller cost items, often unanticipated, are budgeted on an annual contingency basis. Larger cost items are listed in the SJA Capital Projects Plan – reviewed and updated regularly. Unanticipated major expenses, either capital or maintenance, are managed cooperatively by the FMC and the Finance Committee.  Sometimes they are financed by delaying or reducing less essential projects.
Five Year Capital Plan